Rachel Harrison

Creative Director

A Premier Stylist and Technician that has been a long standing team member. She is known for being calm under pressure. You will

never see a stressed out Rachel – such a thing just
does not exist. The great thing is that it is then very hard to be stressed around her – she is just so calm.

Rachel is a holder of the Toni&Guy vardering certificate which puts her qualifications at the highest level. She has used this achievement to enable her to pursue her dream of travelling for a year. It is part of the Toni&Guy experience to grow people and support them in the life changing experience of seeing the world. She is also a qualified beautician.

Holding the highest level of current qualification is important to Rachel as she works to a high standard. She makes sure that she evaluates her skills each year and decides which Toni&Guy Aacdemy courses that will keep her up to date and make sure that she can interpret catwalk looks in a commercial way.

In 2016 she was selected to work with Toni&Guy and Label.m at London Fashion week. She was a great ambassador for the salon and got seats at a London Fashion Week show as a thank you.

Her next aims are to plan her path towards Creative Director within the next 18-24 months. This is really exciting, as it will incorporate, a show, photo shoot or alternative artistic work. It is very difficult to achieve and we can’t wait to see what direction Rachel takes this in.

Fun Fact: She is a lovely caring team member. She does have a passion for travel, health and fitness as well as a real eye for fashion and style.