Nickie Bennett

Our uniform colours are black, white, grey or blue but this lady should come to work wearing a wonder woman outfit.

If I listed everything that she fitted into a working day there would be no room on the website for anything else. Clients really love her and she has such an easy going and relaxed style that you would never know that she has just completed 20 tasks in as many minutes. We love our “little Miss Busy” and miss her on the days that she is not in. Really great Mother and wife – she is amazing.

She gets on well with every team member provides real support to Louise in everything that she does. The team values her support. Simply put – she makes everything better.

Fun Facts: Well she calls it fun – we call it “what were you thinking” but she thinks nothing of completing a mini marathon at the weekend. As a salon we did one Wolf Run – she did two with another one booked, plus another host of circuits & still has time to make the most amazing cakes. Seriously we are just tired typing it and that is not the full list!