Nicki Sinclair-Smith


Our Head technician and in salon assessor. She is also Jamie’s sister but we don’t tease her about that. Nicki is a colour degree holder who also holds business management qualifications and works with Louise to develop the business side of the salon. She is super organised and great with technology which helps Louise immensely as Louise would still use a quill if we would let her. She is a great with supporting the whole team as well as looking after her own clientèle.

She also has a great sense of style and has a really good eye for putting things together. One of the salon aims is to put together Creative projects and Nicki has assisted Stephen as a stylist on his photo shoots and will continue to support the team with future projects in this area. The next big project is to help to plan and co-ordinate the salon re-style and update the salon training program. She loves a project to get her teeth into. A great sense of family & brilliant Mum & Wife.

Fun facts: She helped Stephen to organise the salon team in the Wolf Run and even made her husband join in as a competitor. She has also completed a sky dive. Amazing!