Louise Fordham

Company Director

Louise met Stephen in 1989 and they have been an entertaining partnership ever since. Louise trained as an Insurance Underwriter but entered into the hairdressing industry as it was impossible to ignore the energy and enthusiasm of the salon from when it opened in 2000. There were originally five team members but it has expanded to 15 today. There was only one person that could manage such a lively bunch and Stephen knew exactly who to call. She was doing the work for him any way so decided to leave insurance behind twelve years ago and help to train and grow the team.

Louise has a degree in business and leadership and is a qualified assessor. She makes sure that the customer service qualifications match the hairdressing qualifications which is why so many of the clients re-book. A great part of her job is helping staff to travel around the world and there are two currently in Australia that are still in contact with her today.

Fun Facts: Louise is clumsy with no sense of balance – she would like to use her space on the page to apologise if she bumps into you or drops anything whilst you are in the salon. She can also cause a computer to crash or freeze by just entering the room – which makes it an entertaining experience when she runs reception.