Kerry Jacklin

Artistic Director

Another loyal and long standing team member. She worked as an assistant for Stephen before he even opened Essensuals Rugby and was someone that he definitely wanted to join the team. She is hard working and very focused and always organises her working week to the maximum. She is a Creative Director and a colour degree holder. She can also create high end hair up work and is very much in demand. Her clients are very loyal and know that they will be well looked after. She is another stylist that has a large amount of re-bookings.

She is a great mother and wife and organizes a very busy working with an equally busy family life.

She is famous for her amazing memory, she can recall facts and contents with such certainty. We rely on Kerry so much for the things that we naturally forget. If you want a person that will remember everything for you – so that you can relax and forget about things – Kerry is your girl.

Fun Facts: Multiple marathon walker to raise money for breast cancer from the moon walk. She supported all other team members that were struggling and helped them to complete the Wolf Run. Even though she is already incredibly tall she can dance with ease in heels so high that the rest of us would feel dizzy in.