Jamie Sinclair

Artistic Director

Jamie is a Creative Director and Business Partner. He started his training by being the naughty NVQ student that had a natural skill and hated the paperwork. That remains the same today.

He just understands everything about the industry and executes each with an ease and flair that makes it look easy. He knows his clients extremely well and is always booked well in advance so you need to get your diary out to get an appointment with Jamie.

He is one of our colour degree holders and one of our top Creative Directors. He can create any look that you want and understands the technicalities involved but can evaluate your needs and create a look that you know how to look after, so you always look good. He has a very loyal following and his client often re-book for the year ahead to make sure that they get their desired appointment.

Jamie is a L’Oreal Colour Degree finalist and in worked on the Essensuals Group Campaign shoot for 2017. The next challenge is to work and take that creative competition program to award status for 2017/2018.

Best fact about Jamie is that he is an incredible family man.

Fun Facts: You will never outrun this man. A highly competent marathon runner, iron man competitor, tri-athelete and now wolf run contestant. We don’t know how he finds the time or has the strength to pick up his scissors.